b. 1986, HK.



I’m a creative director, filmmaker and brand builder. These skills give me the unique ability to craft your brand story and execute it across all media. Whether that’s video content, a social media campaign or a live interactive event. I will turn your brand story into an immersive and engaging brand vision.

I’ve worked with artists from Major Lazer to Modest Mouse, brands like American Express and Hasbro. I’ve put on art installations, operas, wrote/directed a feature film and launched a biotech startup. No matter the medium the purpose has always been to tell a story that creates a world for the audience to inhabit. 


Now we can apply this same methodology to your company. We will leapfrog the antiquated ad agency/production company system; spend less, tell better stories, with more cohesive campaigns that authentically connect to your audience. My goal is to draw people to your brand vision so they’re not just buying a product or service—they’re becoming a part of something bigger. 


Glisten McCrary- (310) 273-6700