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Feature Film


XOXO came out of my experience growing up as a DJ in the SoCal rave scene. I wanted to create the experience of a massive music festival in a coming of age film. I wrote the story, directed, branded and helped launch the film with Netflix.

  • In 2014 we had a great script but nobody wanted to make it. So we found our actors (I met Sarah Hyland at a coffee shop) and got access to a festival in LA and shot this teaser for $1000. It got us financed by Netflix and you can read more on that here
  • Netflix gave us $1.2m budget. 20 day shoot. 80 person crew, and we shot at 3 live music festivals.
  • Collaborated with Netflix marketing and PR on social media launch making several :10 teaser clips.


  • Worked with EDM fashion line Electric Family and curated a capsule collection for XOXO merchandise. They sold out. 
  • Worked with Warner Music on the XOXO Soundtrack, including making an exclusive music video. 
  • Made a 3 minute short about the whole insane experience of putting this all together.
  • 1.7m views on the trailer, 43k Facebook followers and a shout out from Netflix's head honcho Reed Hastings.